The Royal Honeymoon spot-North Island, Seychelles

Attention -Sarah Rodrigues

I’m sorry and slightly ashamed to report to my most faithful and supportive (and possibly only) fan, Sarah Rodrigues, that I have not kept up on my reporting of celebrity gossip and other earth shaking events. I hope one day to restore your faith in me…but for now…I’m over it…!

This the the heavily betted on choice for Kate Middleton to wear at the wedding…The George III Tiara, also known as the Russian fringe Tiara. 

The original tiara of Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother Queen Mary, it was handed down to her daughter, who we (my generation) knew as the Queen Mother, who lent it to her daughter ,who was at the time still -Princes Elizabeth, for her wedding. It was eventually handed down to Queen Elizabeth, who lent it to her daughter, Princess Anne, to wear on her wedding day.Now, they say, the Queen is lending it to Kate.

Heartthrob Ryan Gosling vintage shopping in Toronto’s Kensington Market

Could this be the designer chosen for Kate Middleton’s dress?!

 Sophie Cranston, the woman who designed this outfit for Kate may be -her wedding dress designer! This writer says  it is!

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